Advertising, Film and Photography
Gyro has worked closely with all the leading commercial production companies throughout Australasia. The industry experience gained allows us to advise clients on how best to execute their vision.

Along with high-quality models, Gyro has also had many years experience in the design and manufacture of mechanical rigs used in the production of special effects commercials and animation.

Gyro works with New Zealand's leading stills photographers, supplying models, props, and packs that are seen in all forms of print media from press to billboards.

Product Design
Gyro produces prototypes for the design and manufacturing industries. In recent years we have worked closely with Fisher and Paykel research & development division. We have developed a technique for producing mouldings of resin items with the properties of the final product.

Pack Mock-ups
We are highly skilled in the production of “Hero” pack mock-ups for photography & client presentation. We are able to work from disk overseeing production of chromolins (onto foils if necessary), through to the finished mock-ups, matching the crimping detail to any reference

We are experts in creating realistic ice-cream models. All the current Tip Top 4 litre and Movenpick 1 litre packs of ice-cream feature our models.

Ice and Fruit
Often fruit models are required pre-season for advance promotion of products. We carry a stock of fruit and ice and can make sculpt to your requirements all with a quality of accuracy and finish unavailable from any other source.